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MISO SOUP Inc. CEO / Setouchi Udon Company K.K. CUO / MITOYOTSURU, LLC. Representative employee

Tomohiro Kitagawa (TOMOHIRO KITAGAWA)

local : Shikoku, Japan

URL : https://www.misosoup.co.jp/
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After experiencing product promotions, EC, Trading and launch of social marketing company, he started his own business, MISO SOUP Inc., a company which specializes in local products branding. With his deep understanding of marketing and branding background, he was also selected as CUO of local marketing company in Shikoku, Setouchi Udon Company K.K. where he created “Udon special Education kit”, Udon making kit to teach children about local cuisine, Sanuki Udon with the purpose to pass down the local cuisine to the next generation. http://udoncompany.com/udonkit/

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